Moon is an enterprise Selenium solution running browsers in Kubernetes cluster. Out of the box you get:

  • Unlimited automatic scalability. You always have enough browsers of any desired version available in the cluster. When Kubernetes auto-scaling is enabled - your cluster grows and shrinks following the load.
  • Ready to use images with browsers. Moon supports all mainstream browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and testing in Android emulators. All these browsers can be run on standard Linux servers.
  • Completely stateless solution. Traditional Selenium solutions store a list of currently running browser sessions in memory. If for some reason Selenium process crashes - then all running browser sessions are lost. Moon contrarily has no internal state and can be easily replicated across data centers. Browser sessions remain alive even if one or more replicas go down.
  • Fully graceful solution. Any maintenance operations with the cluster do not interrupt running browser sessions. Every cluster component shuts down gracefully.


Moon is free up to 4 parallel Selenium sessions. Everything on top of this limit costs $5 per parallel session per month. To obtain a free evaluation key for more parallel sessions - contact us: sales@aerokube.com.

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